Only A Lifeless Form

在搜集得來有關喜嘉理牧師的眾多文獻中,有一本為喜牧神學院老師Rev. Dr. Joseph Augustine Benton的追思文集,在眾多悼詞中記有一首小詩,很大可能是出自喜嘉理牧師的手筆,詩意頗能道出對一位忠主神僕的惜別之情,謹為這詩譜一個旋律:

詞:C. R. Hager(?)

Only a lifeless form,
We see before our eyes;
But Christ has set his star
Forever in the skies.

Our loss his brightest gain,
Our grief his peaceful sleep,
From which none ever wake
To grieve, or mourn, or weep,

Farewell, thou man of God!
From Jesus’ blessed arms
We would not call thee back
To tread life’s fitful storms.

In yonder sphere of light,
Amid the ransomed throng,
We see thee now by faith,
And hear thy glad, new song.

Not dead, but gone before,
To wait our coming there;
With harp and crown of gold,
A spirit bright and fair.





(給在地球另一端 lockdown 中我的父母親)

半世紀 五十年
疫境中 慶金婚

半世紀 五十年
平淡裡 慶金婚


Oh, Speak To Me, My Blessed Lord

在前年初搜尋有關喜嘉理牧師的文獻之過程中,找得一份樂譜,歌名是 Oh, Speak To Me, My Blessed Lord,作曲者是 Z. M. Parvin,歌詞卻竟是出自喜牧的手筆!



Lyrics by C. R. Hager
Music by Seacow Wheat

Oh, speak to me, my bless-ed Lord;
A-mid life’s lust-y hurry-ing tread;
Calm thou my fears and quak-ing heart,
Un-til my soul with thine is wed.
Oh, speak to me at ear-ly morn,
When low I bend the knee in prayer
To seek thy ho-ly spirits’ cheer,
E-ter-nal joys with thee to share. (Refrain)

  Oh, speak to me in ev-ery hour,
  With some sweet mess-age from above.
  Oh, let me hear thee ev-er speak
  Of God’s own glorious, won-drous love.

Oh, speak to me at twi-light’s eve,
In gent-le whisp-ers soft and low;
When I am wear-y, faint and weak,
Then teach me thy sweet rest to know,
Oh, speak to me my bles-sed Lord,
When temp-ted, tired and very sore
En-fold me in thy lov-ing arms,
And hide me there for ev-er-more. (Refrain)

Oh, speak to me, my bless-ed Lord,
That I may tell in ac-cents sweet,
The sto-ry of thy gra-cious love,
‘Till all on earth its song re-peat,
Oh, speak to me when an-gels come
To bear my soul to realms of light,
That I may look be-yond earth’s night,
To Bethl’hem’s star for-ev-er bright. (Refrain)